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Dana Smoker – Owner

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Energy Touch – Sound Therapy – Crystals Therapy – Color Therapy-Flower Essences – Spiritual Coach – LMT – Owner

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My passion for holistic health methods was inspired by my desire to create well being in myself and family.  After many years of following the basic care provided by  my  current medical system and still not having balanced health, I knew I needed to become more proactive.  I have study many modalities and trained  in several, I doubt I will ever stop seeking answers to questions about health. We live in an age that allows seekers to research beyond what our doctors may even know.    Alternative methods have been used for thousands of years with great success and paired with modern medicine could be a win for all concern. Many doctors are realizing the benefits and some are employing it or making referrals.  This is a huge win for all of us seeking wellness in an uphill battle of fear and misunderstanding.  Modalities that use touch, energy, color, crystals, fragrance and sound are far less invasive then chemicals, and surgeries.  The wonderful part is Alternatives can compliment and perhaps even remove the core issue rather than just mask the symptoms.   I think of the tender seed that with gentle nurturing, can push through a rock bed to reach it’s full potential, whole and thriving! Let us nurture you back to health, so you can get back to living and enjoying the full potential of your life.

Continuing education includes graduate courses such as:

*Nationally Certified Crystal Healer, Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy

*Certified Crystal Reiki Mastery, Love and Light School of Crystal     Therapy

*Certified Crystal Stone Grids, Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy

*Crystal Divination Techniques Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy

*Certified Sound Therapist, May 2016 at Wind Willow Sound Health, LLC

* 480+hours Energy Touch School of Advanced Healing 2 year graduate,  3 year graduate May of 2015

* Certified Health Coach, Institute of Integrative Nutrition

* 200 hours certification in Yoga philosophy and Ayurveda Therapies

* Reiki Mastery, the Usui System of Healing

* Sacred Stone Therapy certification at Sacred Stone Holistic Education Center

* Family herbalist course at The School of Natural Healing

* Level 1 training in Laho Chi.

*PreNatal Massage

* Advanced Cranial Sacral Therapy at KCHA

*Graduate of Kalamazoo Center for the Healing Arts, 520 hour program

I am a healer and seeker of the truth,  reaching for my full potential.

I invite you to explore and expand the possibilities of your own potential beyond all limitations.

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