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Sound Therapy

We are vibrational beings responding to everything around us. Think of your personal reaction to construction work vs the sound of water as the waves break on the shore. Very different sounds that have the ability to create stress or take us to a dream state. Dr. Emoto proved how responsive water is through his amazing work. Our body is 50-75% water, each cell within the body is 66.6% vibrational water. Each organ of our body contains a different balance of water and vibration. Illness or stress can cause imbalances and change the vibration of a healthy organ which can lead to dis-ease.    Water conducts energy and is very transformable. It changes depending on what the vibration or intention is.   The ancients knew this and used musical instruments of all kinds to heal. Sound Therapy is an relaxing experience  of musical healing tones, surrounding you in healing vibration.  Dana is your  Sound Therapist  blending her skills as a Life Coach, Energy Touch therapist, and Reiki  Master. Dana has a collection of instruments that she will use depending on your needs. She will listen carefully to your intentions and compose your personal healing session. The session is done fully clothed, combining light touch and off the body work.

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