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(pronounced “Ray-Key“) literally means “Universal Life Force Energy“, in Japanese.   Reiki is a powerful,  yet gentle healing technique used for maintaining one’s health, for relieving stress, and for healing on all levels of the Mind, Body, Spirit.


How does Reiki Heal?  We are alive because we have this Universal Life Force  flowing through us.  This Life Force flows within our physical body through passages called chakras, meridians,  nadis, and around us in a field of energy called the aura.  Life Force Energy nourishes the organs and cells of our bodies, supporting them in their vital functions.   When this flow of our Life Force Energy is disrupted, it causes diminished function in one or more of the organs and tissues of our bodies.


The Universal Life Force is responsive to thoughts and feelings and becomes disrupted when we accept negative thoughts or feelings about ourselves.  These negative thoughts and feelings attach themselves to our bodies and our energy fields, which causes a disruption in the flow of our Life Force.


Reiki heals by flowing through the affected parts of our bodies and our energy fields,  charging them with the positive/loving Life Force Energy, which causes the negative energy to break apart and fall away.   In doing so, Reiki clears, balances and heals, thus allowing our Life Force to flow in a healthy and natural way.


What can Reiki Treat?  Reiki, in its history, has aided in healing virtually ever known physical alignment, illness and injury, including:


~Cancer                                                ~ Broken Bones                                                ~ Sunburn                           ~Diabetes


~ Heart Disease                                                ~ Headaches                                      ~ Depression                     ~ Hopelessness


~ Skin Problems                                               ~ Colds and Flu                                 ~ Anxiety                             ~Fear


~ Hair Loss                                           ~ Stress                                                                ~ Confidence                     ~Confusion


~Cuts and Bruises                            ~Insomnia                                           ~ Nausea                             ~Trauma




How does a Reiki treatment work?  The Practitioner acts as a purified vessel/clear channel of Universal Life Force Energy to be received by the Recipient.  The Universal Life Force Energy has within it an omniscient quality, where-in the Practitioner’s mind and willpower are not involved, for the Energy knows  what best serves the Recipient.  Reiki is given by positioning the hands on or near various areas of the body.  Some standard hand positions that will be used during a Reiki treatment are the head, neck,  front of the torso, as well as back of the torso;  therapists will often adapt or add new hand positions, depending on the client’s needs.   This powerful treatment is still suitable for even the most modest client, as no skin contact is necessary.


Reiki treats the whole person and clients leave a Reiki session with feelings of peace, security, and a sense of well-being.  Many have reported miraculous results.  Reiki sessions can be done on their own or you can include them with your massage session.



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