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Beverly Stephan-Visionary Artist

Mystical Artwork Readings Visionary Artist

Internationally Recognized!

“Your Spirit Guides visually emerge from the blended paint which creates the reading. Allow me to reveal your Guides and their messages to you.”

Becoming absorbed with mysticism and metaphysics in my early twenties, kicked off a 30 year quest of spiritual study. I began as a tarot reader in 1991 but yearned for more….In 2004, I channeled the mediumship “paint blending” through a dream.

Many clairvoyants use tools to kick off their mediumship; mine paint blending. My Guides connect to your Guides providing the blueprint for the art. Your Spirit Guides are unique too you, creating a one of a kind 8×10 art reading specifically for you. Once your art is revealed the reading begins. This reading provides a visual and energetic connection to you and your Guides.

What Mystical Art Readings can reveal…

  • What is Spiritually around you now & in the future
  • Faces of your Spirit Guides
  • Signs from Angelic Helpers & Ascended Masters
  • Clues to past lives
  • Animal Totems
  • Personal messages from deceased loved ones
  • Sacred & Mystical Symbols

And so much more……The beauty of Beverly’s Mediumship is that anything is possible!!

The secret to finding our true path & purpose in life is by working with our inner guidance, our Spirit Guides! Their job is to help lead the way! Listen within & trust your emotions! It’s time to tap in to your Guides and allow the messages to begin. Many Guides surround you now. Allow me to introduce you to yours.


Beverly is AWESOME! She is kind, loving and her beautiful light fills a room. I have gotten several readings and never cease to be amazed at the accuracy of the information; it’s insightful, uplifting and extremely helpful. If your life is not filled with miracles and blessings perhaps your not paying attention or not working with your  guides. Beverly can assist you with that by creating your personal spirit guides art. The Spirit Artwork she does is not just beautiful but allows you to see in a physical form your spirit guides, angels and master assisting you in this life. I have had mine done, my husband, kids, grandkids, and as gifts they are beautiful keepsakes with messages. You must experience her!     Dana Smoker

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