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Living in Full Color

The Second Class in Listen to your Mother series
Living In Full Color 

Our world is a kaleidoscope of vibrational color and like so many other things, color can encourage spiritual growth and enhance overall well-being. Color effects your moods and feelings, how you use color may reveal areas you need more support in your life.  Color has been used for healing for over 4,000 years with amazing success. Learn to use color with intention, that will positively influence your mind, emotions and your physical health.   Engage the rainbow of healing vibration as you practice Living in Full Color.

This class will explore color and its meanings.

Moving beyond your favorite colors and using the whole rainbow

How you can start each day with colors that support and reflect your intention and goals

The science of color as a holistic healing tool with no side effects!

Each class is $50- a deposit of $25 will be accepted; the balance is due prior to the start of that class.

Please register early. Class size is limited so sign-up/deposit is required in advance to guarantee your place.

To sign up for one or all classes in the series, LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER, please email Dana at [email protected]

Subject: LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER class series

Provide your name and contact information, email, cell phone number and date you prefer.  I will respond with directions for deposit to hold your place in the class.

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