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Crystals Light Up Your Life

Thank you, Thank you, Mother for these pretty treasures! Can you walk past a beautiful stone without picking it up or at the very least admiring it?
I can’t imagine my life without these power-houses of healing energy. I have been collecting pretty stones and crystals all my life. I wear, carry, decorate and work with them. I am a Nationally Certified Crystal Healer on a path of continued education and greater understanding of the energies that make up my world and yours.
If you love crystals or just have a desire to know more, this class is for you. Everything in the physical world is made of energy, including the human body, which has its own unique vibration. Each crystal vibrates with a unique frequency and vibration, offering unique healing properties. I will offer a greater understanding of why we are drawn to crystals and how it creates an opportunity to heal.
Together we will explore several methods of application for self-healing and healing others. The Science, Sacred Geometry, Chakras, Grids, Gem waters, Elixirs, Casting and perhaps more. Learning to use crystals with intention, to balance, energize, heal and uplift your physical and energetic being.
If you are curious, or passionate about crystals, you will take away refined direction, to explore and develop your love affair with crystals!

Classes are 3 hours in duration, offering instruction, hands on, and Q&A.
Each class is $50.00 a non-refundable deposit of $25.00 is required to hold your place in the class; the balance is due prior to the start of that class.
Please register early. Class size is limited so sign-up/deposit is required in advance to guarantee your place.

To sign up for one or all classes in the series, LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER, please email Dana at
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Provide your name and contact information, email and cell phone number.

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