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Our mission:

To uplift and rejuvenate our client through healing touch and a holistic approach so they may enjoy a healthier more joyful lifestyle.

We are a holistic family of uniquely skilled practitioners all sharing an intention of assisting our clients in experiencing balance, health, wellness and joy in their lives. Each practitioner has unique training, like you our desire for balanced health has been challenged. It’s important to be aware what we eat, use, believe and breathe are all factors to consider for balanced health.Our personal experience is very rich allowing us to empathize and share positive solutions with our client. It is important to choose health care providers that continues to upgrade skills and you can be assured we will continue to seek knowledge that is time and value tested so we can better support your positive steps toward optimal health.

Allow Yourself to receive the gift of balance, peace, joy and relaxation. Therapy sessions offered at Nature’s Dance are wonderful, natural ways to experience your health as balanced and whole.  A minimum of One visit per month as preventative maintenance, allows the body to remember how to relax, releasing built up tension and toxins, regain flexibility, circulation, focus, improved digestion, assimilation, elimination and a stronger healthier immune response. We enhance your healing session with essential oils, flower essence or homeopathic products designed to cater to your needs and desires for that day. There is no need to undress during Energy sessions to receive maximum healing benefits. We also offer long distant Energy Touch sessions.

We are multidimensional beings physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions all dancing together. In a perfect world we would always stay in balance, meaning our physical, mental, and emotional health would blend in perfect harmony, no sickness or pain. We of course don’t live in a perfectly balanced world our lives and environment continue to create imbalances throwing our dance off. At Nature’s Dance we work with you to bring your awareness to these imbalances and then assist you toward balance of body, mind and spirit. A session at Nature’s Dance is a wonderful healing experience focusing on you as a whole dimensional living person.  If you are ready to accept responsibility for your own health, then come connect with the music within your soul and dance, Nature’s Dance.

All Services Are By Appointment so give us a call at (269)324-0795 and let’s schedule you.

Nature’s Dance was established in 2001

Dana Smoker, Owner

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