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Maryesah Karelon – C. HT – Hypnotherapy – Energy Healing – Spiritual Counseling

About Maryesah

Maryesah Karelon, M.Div., C.Ht.MAK2A

Are you on a journey of self-discovery? Are you seeking guidance for a new direction or at least your next step?  Do you need a supportive friend to assist you in your inner and outer healing? Maryesah Karelon has been a student of mystical Christianity, spirituality and healing for over 25 years.  Interested in the paranormal since childhood, Maryesah now bridges the traditional and the non-traditional, combining her skills as a mystic intuitive with her training in a variety of healing modalities. She is a certified practitioner and teacher of Illuminata, an energy healing technique that is similar to an energy massage and requires no physical touch. Maryesah is a certified hypnotherapist who specializes in age and/or past life regression, focusing particularly on such issues as removal of fears and blocks, enhancement of self-worth and spiritual awareness. Maryesah also offers her services as spiritual counselor and symbologist, sharing her wisdom with the assistance of the Voyager Tarot and the Angel Tarot. These cards provide a positive, uplifting spiritual message while guiding the seeker within themselves to their own inner heart of knowing. She understands her purpose as that of a wayshower and facilitator of healing in all its many forms.

  • 30 or 60 minute session of Illuminata Energy Healing balancing the chakras and mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies as well as physical; a 60 minute session may also involve the use of essential oils and/or crystals; can be combined with

  • 60 to 120 minute session of hypnotherapy, where the energy healing is used as a prelude and relaxation technique to the hypnosis that can release blocks and fears anchored in the past and/or present life.

  • 30 or 60 minute spiritual counseling focused on a blend of intuitive messages with a reading of the Tarot cards.

A brief phone consultation is encouraged to tailor each session to individual needs.

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