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Experience a Deeper Level of Relaxation

brain massage Nature’s Dance wants to take you to a deeper level of Relaxation. We have been experiencing this ourselves with brain wave technology. This may seem like science fiction, but whether we are thinking, napping, asleep the brain always has some level of electrical activity going. This electrical activity has been measured (in Hz), and it was found that faster brain waves meant more awake states; slower brain waves mean sleep. Kelly Howell of BrainSync has put together CDs and MP3 downloads that make use of this technology. Simply by listening to one of these programs with stereo headphones or earbuds, brain waves can be manipulated to these states.
How does it work?
The key to listening to a brain wave program is the stereo headphones. The program delivers pure and precisely tuned sound frequencies to the brain, but a different frequency goes into each ear. The brain, in order to bring these frequencies together, “waves” at the intended frequency. The result is deeper relaxation, higher levels of meditation, or purer levels of focus with no drugs or side effects. Continued use actually trains the brain to use these states more effectively.
Nature’s Dance has available Brain Sync CDs to listen to as you are getting massaged, using the TheraSauna, or Ionic Foot Bath. We have headphones available or bring in your own earbuds. Nature’s Dance is providing this service free of charge for its clients, but it is not a necessary component, nor is it mandatory. Give this technology a try, and see for yourself.
We have a variety of programs to choose from.

During a massage or with the Amethyst mat, may we suggest:
Guided Relaxation
Dream Wave Meditation
Sound Sleep
Sound Healing
The Secret Universal Mind Meditation (affirmations, a staff favorite)
Healing Meditation
Slow Wave Sleep
In the TheraSauna or with the Ionic Foot Bath:
Guided Relaxation
Healing Meditation
Brain Massage
You can find out more about Brain Wave Technology at BrainSync with free downloads and a free iPod App.

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